The idea of a non-injectable lip plumper was hatched by a skin therapist, lying on a bed with a doctor pumping fillers into her via a canula!

The formula was developed by an ingenious chemist.

LipPLUMP is 100% Australian.


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Created by Spa + Salon Divas

LIP PLUMP instant lip plumper + 6 collagen masks

No more needles - LIP PLUMP 5 minute miracle pout is here!Get that INSTANT LIP PLUMP plus long term rejuvenating benefits too! LIP PLUMP gives you an INSTANT POUT and will last as long as your party will! It’s been created to give you the perfect pout - not only increasing volume but helping to increase collagen production too.So, your pot of lipPLUMP will make your lips more Kissable in more ways than one. lipPLUMP increases blood supply to the lips instantly working it’s magic! It’s also hydrating, nourishing and increases collagen production. LIP PLUMP encourages collagen production too - INSTANT results with long term benefits. Get your LIP PLUMP today - you know you want to! Shelf life 2 years unopened, and 6 months after opening.  *Product may produce strong tingling. Suggest test patch prior to use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If prone to allergic reactions,  do not use.

    LIP PLUMP contains a magical plumping combination of Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cinnamon bark oil, Vit E, Capsicum annum extract, Peppermint oil (+ a few other miraculous plumping ingredients) - which all adds up to a 5 minute miracle pout you will simply LOVE!


    *Product may produce strong tingling.

    Suggest test patch prior to use.


    Return your unopened LIP PLUMP if the product is faulty in any way within 7 days from receipt and it will be replaced.

    Product will not be replaced or refunded once opened.

    Return Shipping at the expense of purchaser. 

    Product causes tingling sensation which some people may not like, and no returns will be accepted for this reason.

    Some people may have an allergic reaction to this product, and it is strongly advised to check all ingredients (provided on website and product label) and undertake a test patch prior to use. No refunds will be provided for allergic reactions.